Yep, That’s it

First, we would like to extend a little ‘thank you’ for visiting About Us Page.

Secondly, this is probably the place where we would tell you how we started this website and how we’re rebels who wanted to make a splash on the scene and change the world of fashion, one clothes hanger at a time (author’s note: I chuckled at this). But we’re not. Our first draft for this page was boring marketing speak (but not that bad, we promise). But it wasn’t us. And this About Us, is about us. So, we might as well make it about us.

We started Tiny Parrot Vintage Boutique because it’s fun. We love to forage for old clothes and to let our creativity run wild. Imagining new combinations and uses for long discarded clothes. So, we created a fun and colorful, parrot-themed (!!!) platform that allows us to share these clothes with the world.

For ourselves, we wanted a place away from the regular corporate structure: Where you need to put on your work face every morning and pretend to care about the 0,5% deficit in the thing. You know, the thing Bob from accounting brought up two meetings ago? That you can’t remember because you don’t care? Yeah, that.

We aim to make Tiny Parrot Vintage Boutique a place where you want to be for vintage clothing, not where you have to be. A place that makes vintage shopping fun, easy, and relaxing. By now, you’re probably wondering about the parrot theme. Well, we can assure you that we are not parrots. Tiny Parrot Vintage Boutique was founded by a couple that started dating in 2017 over a shared love of weird music and pop culture references. And he (hi again!) got the cutest little parrotlet ever, that she subsequently fell in love with.

Three years and one more parrot later, the time came to start a business. And since Tiny Parrot Vintage Boutique is about doing what we love, we incorporated what brings us the most joy into our little shop. Makes sense, right?

Happy shopping,

Tiny Parrot Vintage Boutique (Chamber of Commerce 77250885)

Who We Work With

We know how to start a website, and we know how to forage for clothes. But we don’t know everything (particle physics comes to mind). We work with an amazing array of individuals and businesses to help us make this tiny website a big experience. So please give them a click, a follow, a high five, or some work if you’re so inclined!

We know, we know. We also work with some amazing models that we haven’t mentioned here. So amazing that we have an entire page dedicated to them.

We can’t say enough good things about Strictly Design’s Fleur de Koning. While primarily a 2D animator, she also excells at graphic design and product design. And on top of that, she offers master classes in empathic entrepreneuring. Very fitting given her very understanding nature and great patience (we definitely tested it!). You can thank her for our measurement guides. But more importantly, our rebranding (stay tuned).

Nathalie Westerveld

Nathalie Westerveld is a photography talent from Rotterdam who feels equally at home shooting in analog as she does digital. Despite her extensive experience with fashion shoots, her true passion lies in documentary photography.

Laura Visser

Despite having only picked up the camera in a serious capacity recently. Her drive and ambition allowed her to hone her skills as a professional photographer in record speed. She specializes in branding and lifestyle photography.