Jasmina – Height: 170 cm – Measurements: 86/67/93

Blue ’90s Tie Dye Faux Fur Jacket


All You Want To Know

Every model who wore this jacket loved it. We love our models. Our models love this jacket. What is not to love?

The fur is faux. The style is not. This tie dye-printed cotton jacket was likely part of the ’70s revival of the late ’90s. What truly stands out are the deep blue and fuzzy decorated edges. Good to know: This jacket does not close by design.

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How To Care For Your Garment

Washing Symbol

Machine-wash at temperatures no higher than 40 °C.​

Drying Symbol

Hang pure cotton to dry, but avoid direct sunlight.​

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Cotton can be ironed at temperatures up to 220 °C.​​

Prepare For The Y2K Bug!

True to the late ’90s, this Y2K jacket looks great with skinny, black (faux) leather pants. Also true to the era; A dashing pair of platform sandals. Although, you can make these platform boots when it’s getting chilly.

Jasmina – Height: 170 cm – Measurements: 86/67/93
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